Kaakkois-Suomen Purkupalvelut is a specialist in diamond drilling and demolition work

We are experts in vibration-free and dust-free demolition. Our modern demolition equipment includes diamond wire saws and shearing robots. We also carry out on-site demolition work in demanding conditions.


Demolition and diamond drilling

Diamond wire sawing

We specialize in diamond wire sawing. We remove large, thick foundations cleanly and dust-free – in one sawing operation without any vibration.

In addition to being vibration and dust-free, diamond wire sawing has the advantages of higher cutting speeds, noise-free operation, and precision compared to traditional methods. We deliver diamond wire saws quickly and cost-effectively.

Demolition and diamond drilling

Diamond drilling and cut-outs

We make the necessary openings and penetrations in existing concrete and steel structures. We always use the most suitable method for each site: diamond drilling or diamond sawing.

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Demolition and diamond drilling

Concrete demolition

We have a comprehensive fleet and solid professional skills for demolition work of all sizes. Our modern and extensive demolition equipment includes, among others, spike robots, diamond wire saws, and beam saws, which, under the guidance of our professionals, can demolish even large areas in a fast timeframe and at competitive costs.

We also carry out on-site demolition work in demanding environments and industrial plants. Thanks to our modern demolition methods, you avoid costly production stoppages due to demolition and renovation work.

Demolition and diamond drilling

We are your diamond drilling and demolition experts.

Kaakkois-Suomen Purkupalvelut is a specialist in diamond drilling and demolition work

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